Tsuruhachi Tsurujiro (Tsuruhachi And Tsurujiro)

“Kawaguchi wrote popular novels, plays for Shinsei Shimpa (theater), and, later, screenplays for film - among them, adaptations for Mizoguchi. Shinnai music, voice and samisen, is the background for this classic and ever popular (ever re-made) story about a squabbling professional duo, a singer and his teacher's daughter. The Taisho period is beautifully set in the opening shots of street singers performing the hit of 1919, ‘The Song Of Kachusha,' based on the Katyusha of Tolstoy's ‘Resurrection.' Awashima, one of the few post-war actresses able to recreate the pre-war Japanese woman, contributes significantly to the film - especially because she is certainly the only Japanese actress with a real sense of humor. Awashima and Takada were certainly a popular couple on the screen - they certainly made enough films together.”

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