Twentieth-Century Animations

The first of two programs showcases a wide range of inventive work made in the Bay Area between 1968 and 1996, from the legendary Thank You Mask Man, a controversial Lenny Bruce attack on homophobic rednecks by John Magnuson and Jeff Hale, to the superb flowing pastel drawings of Sara Petty. Also featured are the whimsical worlds of Sally Cruikshank, Stephanie Maxwell, and Jane Aaron; a remarkable erotic fantasy by Marcy Page; and a no-holds-barred psychedelic trip into Wonderland by Vince Collins. Highly refined abstract computer-rendered visions by Seth Olitzky and Larry Cuba are included, as well as a humorous early computer work by Steve Segal, and a brilliant Oscar-nominated short by John Lasseter. The show concludes with Tim Hittle's Oscar-nominated, clay-animated Canhead.

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