Twenty-First Century Animations

Our second program features exceptional Bay Area animation made since 2000. It ranges from Tom Gibbons's retelling of Franz Kafka's A Hunger Artist, with sets and characters reminiscent of German Expressionism, to Nina Paley's M.C. Escher-inspired Fetch. Also featured are the sensitive Loom, the playful Hide and Seek, and the bitingly political Los ABCs. There is a tense dramatic moment in Rabbit Test, a journey into punk anarchy in Extreme Man and Insane Boy, and outrageous humor in Pirate Scum and Enrique Wrecks the World. The program also provides exciting glimpses of emerging talents that are creating new distinct aesthetic experiences (Fu-De, No Robots, and Doxology). The program begins with a reminder that our area's first independent animator was Willis O'Brien, who later created King Kong. His Prehistoric Poultry was made at his studio on a rooftop at Powell and Market Streets in 1916.

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