Twice Upon A Time

Jean-Pierre Gorin, best known for his long collaboration with Jean-Luc Godard in the Dziga Vertov Group, is presently finishing his first solo film in this country, Twice Upon A Time, produced for German Television and filmed last fall in San Diego. Gorin will present an early “rough cut” in double-system (meaning sound and image separate).

He describes the film as:
“A film in progress. The story of Grace and Virginia Kennedy, 7-year-old twins who, according to the media, have invented their own language. The story of their relation to the world (to their parents, their therapist, the media, and to me). A story about language, relationships, and exile. I hope it is a cross between Raymond Chandler and Lewis Carroll. To make good measure, I'll add Robert Louis Stevenson and the working title ‘Kidnapped.'”

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