The Two Loves Of Signor Max (Il Signor Max)

This comedy-of-errors opened in New York in 1939, and received this notice from the New York Times:

“Persons familiar with Italian are sure to have a good time... And ignorance of that language will not prevent spectators from enjoying some of the many funny situations exploited to the full by Vittorio de Sica, in the double role of a prosperous newsstand owner and fake society man, and by pretty Assia Noris, as the honest ladies' maid, puzzled and worried by the ‘strange resemblance.'

“The popular principals are backed by an excellent cast in which the alluring Rubi D'Alma (said to be an Italian society girl playing in her first picture) shines as the much-divorced aristocrat who turns the young man's head for a while. Mario Casaleggio is first rate as the gruff uncle with a heart of gold, whose wholesome advice, together with Assia's appealing charm, makes the youth finally realize he is acting like a fool. Mr. Max is well-made in every way.”

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