Unfair World

Sotiris is a police investigator in Athens who lives by a strict moral code. An honest man, he carries himself as though held down by the weight of the world. Dora is a cleaning lady, struggling to get by any way she can. Dealt a rough hand in life, she has developed a rich layer of cynicism and mistrust that informs her every action. When a man Sotiris believes is innocent is arrested for a brutal crime, his attempt to uncover the truth results in a grave mistake-he accidentally kills a man. Finding himself on the other side of the law for the first time, he places his fate in Dora, the only witness to the crime and the only person who can help him, for better or for worse. From its opening image of a shabby, exhausted figure draped over a lonely park bench, fighting to stay awake in the dead of night, Filippo Tsitos's prize-winning examination of moral exertion quickly establishes a tone of clinical precision and atmospheric stillness. Part procedural potboiler, part character study, part minimalist comedy, Unfair World quietly unravels a complex ethical puzzle of justice, forgiveness, and human frailty that proves no good deed goes unpunished.

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