Unfinished Works by Welles

Orson Welles worked on more unfinished projects than any other major film director, a fact that has added immeasurably to his myth. It started with the ill-fated It's All True in 1942, for which Welles went to Brazil as part of the “good neighbor policy,” and ended with King Lear, a film for which he only managed to shoot a video explaining to his producer how his Shakespeare adaptation should look. One of his most legendary projects is the thriller The Deep, based on a novel by Charles Williams and filmed on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. “My hope is that it won't be an art-house movie,” Welles said of The Deep. “I hope it's the kind of movie I enjoy seeing myself. I felt it was high time to show that we could make some money.” This program includes excerpts from The Deep, The Dreamers, and Welles's project of a lifetime, Don Quixote.

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