The Unseeable

Steeped in traditional Thai folklore and with an eerie period setting, the new feature by Wisit Sananatieng (Citizen Dog) departs from his earlier flamboyant, distinctly modern films to instead serve up an elegant, classic ghost story. Set in 1930s Siam, the story centers on a young pregnant woman named Nualjan (Siraphun Wattanajinda) who travels to Bangkok in search of her missing husband. On the way, she takes refuge in a dilapidated mansion whose odd inhabitants include an elderly woman who stalks the grounds at night; the talkative and superstitious boarder Choy; and the severe house manager Miss Somjit. As Nualjan's curiosity about the mansion's secrets grows, she is drawn deeper into the ghostly world of this sinister place, and the mysteries of its lonely inhabitants. Inspired by the art of Hem Vejakorn, the film's lush landscape and gorgeous period details create a haunting world where the supernatural lurks around every corner.

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