Videotapes by Dan Boord, Stanton Kaye & Lynda Benglis

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Works by Boord include: Now You See It/Now You Don't (1977, 11 mins): “A video tape found in a shopping center. A romance. An assortment of cheap tricks never employed by Houdini. The very stuff Raymond Roussel rejected for dinner.” The Birth of Tragedy (1978, 39 mins, color and b&w): “What would happen if Nietzsche had encountered a squad of California cheerleaders? What would happen if Eloise had been born in the Bronx?.... Is semiotics a pedestrian sport?” The Last Days of Immanuel Kant (1979, 25 mins, color): “Originally a text by Thomas DeQuincey, (the tape) reflects the historical distance through the narrative mode... the problem of illustrating a text.” Other titles are Jean-Luc Goes Sea World and George IV. All tapes were made under the auspices of The Diderot Society/West, of which Boord is co-founder.

Works by Stanton Kaye and Lynda Benglis include: The Amazing Bow-Wow, The story of a carnie couple (Kaye and Benglis) who acquire an hermaphroditic dog act for their sideshow at a carnival. They acquire it in trade for Spiro Agnew's white limousine.... (1977, 60 mins, color). How's Tricks: “a tape about illusion - illusion made by artists, by musicians, by politicians, by the media,” featuring “layers and levels of artifice” and appearances by former President Richard Nixon. (1976, 45 mins, color)

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