Videotapes by Lynda Benglis & Joel Glassman

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The set-up involves a monitor inside a monitor wherein Richard Tuttle, Jennifer Bartlett, John Torreano, Gordon Hart and Roberta Smith all demonstrate a different attitude toward beging taped by New York sculptor and video-artist Lynda Benglis, who regards these portraits as “moving Polaroids.”

• By Lynda Benglis. (1972, 7 mins, b&w)

On Screen
Lynda Benglis appears in an exploration of multiple images created by taping successive generations of images off the monitor.

• By Lynda Benglis. (1972, 7 mins, b&w)

Video Notebooks
is an early work by San Francisco artist Joel Glassman, who in recent years has given up video and photography for body building as sculpture. Consisting of segments subtitled “Dangling Pans,” “Mimicking a Right Angle Kicking a Paint Bucket in My New House in a Corner,” etc., Video Notebooks exposes issues involving narration and chance, the relation of on- to off-screen space, and the framed space as arena or notebook of action.

• By Joel Glassman. Photographed by George Bolling. (45 mins, b&w)

The Roof
employs the familiar image of the roof and familiar sounds of lunchtime to consider the separation/relation of image and sound, and the ability of either to reinforce and/or undermine the other.

• By Joel Glassman. Photographed by George Bolling. (1973, 25 mins, b&w)

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