The Voyeurs

Buddhadeb Dasgupta's newest fantasy presents a world that's gone topsy-turvy, where lovers and dreamers are mistaken for terrorists and where the desire for images masks an inability to actually understand them. In crowded Kolkata (Calcutta), the lonely tech-geek Dilip (Prosenjit Chatterjee) works installing surveillance cameras. When his friend Yasin arrives from the countryside, however, things start picking up, especially after aspiring actress Rekha (Bollywood starlet Sameera Reddy) moves in next door. Dilip's innocent crush on her, combined with an extra spy camera and some poor judgment, soon leads to a decision so bad it can only get worse. “Our world is obsessed with security and ordinary human values like love and kindness have been mechanized,” Dasgupta writes. “The masters of advanced technology reinterpret them as ‘dangerous.'” With The Voyeurs, Dasgupta (Memories in the Mist; Chased by Dreams) charts what happens when innocents venture into such a world, but still makes room for his typically warmhearted, surreal visions.

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