We Are Cinema

For most students, self-reflection is part of the job description. Give them a camera, and they will reflect on their lives, and also on the activity of reflection itself. Whether in front of or behind the camera, these UC Berkeley students take the viewer far beyond the classroom to spaces of meditation and places of activation. Goldmine of Conscious Minds captures the spatial, temporal, and aural layers of Sproul Plaza. I Are Cinema confronts the genre of experimental film through a mashed-up parody of creative angst, and in turn, reveals the angst of parody. The Electric Arctic Circle charts the oblique, unraveling journey of three travelers venturing into the Great White North. In the documentary (Caché), two intertwining personal narratives are placed against the backdrop of San Francisco's Chinatown. Sin título explores the craft and art of making images amidst an askew urban setting. The absence of a friend engenders bittersweet romantic complications among three companions in Since You've Been Ong. folie à deux addresses the obsession and voyeurism of both actors and audience, and Direction, a rapid-fire deconstruction of directorial intention, ends with the undoing of it all.

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