The Wedding March (Marcia Nuziale)

Marco Ferreri's satiric bent and his particular brand of black humor (see also The Ape Woman) characterize this four-part film about sex and marriage. Ugo Tognazzi, a frequent collaborator of Ferreri, is the protagonist in all four episodes. In the first he plays the anxious “father” presiding over the engagement and wedding of his pedigreed dog. In the second he succumbs to his spoiled little boy, his curious mother-in-law and his bored, fastidious wife. In the third episode, shot in New York City, he is an American husband reluctant to “tell all” at an encounter session for couples who are self-consciously overcoming their inhibitions. The final segment is a chilling image of sex in a future when ideal partners are inflatable, life-sized dolls. The film had severe difficulties with the Italian censors at the time of its release.

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