Welcome (No Trespassing)

“Based on a witty script by two accomplished writers, Welcome (No Trespassing) depicts a Young Pioneer summer camp under the heavy hand of its hide-bound director, Dynin, played with wonderful panache by Evgeny Evstigneev. Obsequious toward authority, resistant to innovation, hostile to any idea smacking of independence, however trivial, Dynin was a familiar type on Soviet screens. But Klimov made of the material a fresh, witty satire that pokes fun at a variety of Soviet pieties, contrasting whimsical fantasy and precisely observed and photographed reality. . . . If what they had read (in the script) worried studio bureaucrats, what they saw on screen scared the hell out of them. . . . Khrushchev personally intervened . . . despite a poster of (Dynin's young nemesis) Kostia's round-faced granny bearing an uncanny resemblance to Khrushchev's own moon face. . . . Perhaps comedy proved treacherous indeed: twelve days after the film's release, Khrushchev was booted out of office.”

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