What Would We Do Without Death? (Was Soll'n Wir Denn Machen Ohne Tod)

Filmed in a home for the elderly in Hamburg, Elfi Mikesch's poetic documentary focuses with patience and humor on two elderly women, their lives and their relationship together. Mikesch comments:
“The wisdom that is expected from old people - even demanded - is usually too much for those who are frail and whose consciousness is in the in-between world of here and nowhere: those who have built up their reduced memories as a protective wall against the outside. It was my intention to show the simple communication of old people and the necessity of the friendly and tender sympathy of a person who normally, due to understaffing or indifference, cannot be found in homes for the elderly.”
Mikesch's I Often Think Of Hawaii (1978) was shown at the PFA Tribute to ZDF in January. Execution: A Study Of Mary (1979) was included in the 1980 Berlin Film Festival.

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