When a Stranger Comes to Town: Recent Animations

Artists in Person

“There are only two stories in the world: man goes on a journey, and stranger comes to town,” asserts an opening text in Jacqueline Goss's newest video, Stranger Comes to Town. Goss focuses on the strangers, “aliens” who have immigrated to the United States. Each of the immigrants she interviews has designed a virtual persona that, combined with appropriated animation from the Department of Homeland Security and videogame footage, details their journey across the border. Yin-Ju Chen and James Hong's Suprematist Kapital boldy traces a history of capital and the West, told in just five minutes, that can be played on your cell phone or projected on a theater screen. In the dark and surreal El Doctor, Suzan Pitt draws on Mexican folk art to follow the exploits of a down-and-out doctor. A rabbi discloses his approach to grief in Sarah Jane Lapp's hand-drawn Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist. Lawrence Jordan's most recent cutout animation vibrantly reveals a Poet's Dream, while Vanessa Woods's The Touch adapts an Anne Sexton poem.

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