Where is My Child? (Vu Iz Mein Kind?)

Admission: $1.50

“Most of the conventions of the Yiddish stage fill this somber tale: the melodramatic plot centering on the loss and restoration of the family bond, a comic sub-plot, stereotyped characters, dramatic coincidences, songs, and a happy ending. The film dramatizes the pains and joys of a mother's relationship with her son, and the success of an immigrant child in a career of security, prestige and service to a noble cause (in this case medicine).

“Celia Adler, who just recently passed away, stars as a poor immigrant woman, widowed on the voyage to America (in 1911), who puts her baby up for adoption because she can't ‘give it a home,' and then immediately changes her mind and spends the next 25 years searching and pining for the lost child. The plot and style are Jewish mother-son melodrama at its purest, with dashes of rich-poor and immigrant-‘American' pathos thrown in. A balance to the heavy melodrama is the refreshing and comic sub-plot involving a housemaid (Blanche Bernstein) and the mailman (Ruben Wendroff).

“The travails and suffering of the Jewish immigrant experience as presented in Where Is My Child? could be counted upon to strike a responsive chord in a 1937 audience who, at most, were just a generation removed from it.”

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