A Willie Walker Video Program

Admission Free

Willie Walker calls himself “the world's first video disk-jockey... a collector of video oddity, Art and Humor or anything you wouldn't see on everyday television.” The show is a collection of acts and personalities which parody the subjects and forms of commercial television.

Tape #1: The Video Disk-Jockey Show
includes material the concepts and odd variety of which outweigh all professional considerations... for this show comes on when all other TV goes off. The show is about TV format and includes such titles as Tales of Television (a TVTV production), Shoot Out (a TVTV production written by Doug Hall and Jody Proctor for “The Lone Ranger”), Life With Video, The Adventures of Wild Will, episode #1, and Father Can You Help Me?

• (1972-75, 60 mins, color)

Tape #2: Dream-Release-Fantasy or Wake Up With Willie,
a work in progress, is based upon several erotic and high adventure dreams. The locations, property value and props, people change... some stay, some go away while Willie becomes a Walter Mitty type character.... It seems Willie is dreaming that he can see his dream, he is in the action and yet he is an observer.... an overseer... the one who tells the stories. We are left with the feeling that whoever woke Willie up, shouldn't have.... then and only then would we find out what could have happened.... but since there is no formula to life.... why should there be one for dreams?

• (1980, 30 mins, color)

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