The Women

“A venomous, spirited comedy, MGM's The Women is ‘in the nature of a sociological investigation of the scalpel-tongued Park Avenue set, entirely female, who amputate their best friends' reputations at luncheon, dissect their private lives at the beauty salon, and perform the postmortems over the bridge table, while the victims industriously carve away at their surgeons.' (New York Times, 9/22/39)

“The vitality of this witty and ‘thorougly nasty' film is the result of an assemblage of Hollywood's finest actresses - Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, and others - who break character to submerge themselves with zeal in the roles of middle-aged socialites predisposed to biting repartee and sophisticated savagery. Anita Some Like It Hot Loos and Jane Murfin have adapted Clare Boothe's play of the same title and added a few ‘new sequences (which) are so good Miss Boothe might have thought of them herself.' Under the direction of the ‘woman's' director, George Cukor, the cast portrays that strata of high society who are no longer debutants and not yet dowagers.”

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