Works from the Eisner Awards Competition

The Eisner Prize is the highest award for creativity given on the UC Berkeley campus. This year's winners in film and video are Richard Parkin for Jonas (10 mins), an innovative, charming film that uses split screen and found footage to depict a day in the life of a narcoleptic, and Camilo Salazar Prince for La Continuidad de los Cables (8 mins), a sumptuous experimental video drawing on Julio Cortazar's nonlinear story structure. This year's judges were UC staff and faculty Julia Bader, Dina Ciraulo, Marilyn Fabe, Kathy Geritz, Gary Handman, and Mira Kopell.

The judges have selected a diverse sampling of animation, narrative, documentary, and experimental videos from the competition to be screened in addition to the prize-winning works:
Bowling (a shopumentary) (Jennifer Blaylock, Maris Gersh, Steve Saucedo, 15 mins). In the Hall of the Notes (Ryan Lawrence Chiu, 2 mins). Doxology (Melissa Day, 9 mins). Hollywood Childhood Around 1990 (Scott Ferguson, 23 mins). Sweets for My Sweet (Brian Perkins, 22 mins). Any/Day/Now (Sohrab Pirayesh, 14 mins). Hot and Cold (Samantha Staley, 11 mins, Silent, B&W, 16mm). A Day in the City (Paul Wie, 5 mins). Raskolnikov (Derek Woods, 7 mins).

A program containing written descriptions by the artists will complement the screening.

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