You Can't Lick Stamps in China & Guadalcanal Requiem

You Can't Lick Stamps in China

“Nam June Paik's newest videotape offers the possibility of a completely new trend in entertainment.” “Gregory Battcock was chief ‘actor' in the story, providing the plotline: complaining of the cold, he is sent from his New York office to seek sunny refuge aboard a cruise ship.” “Mixing exotic sights and sounds with political overtones, Stamps covers ground from Bombay to Capetown to Hong Kong. Scenes of political ferment, or implied ferment, alternate with purely decorative scenery - a Chinese lychee nut commune, hordes of native black workers, shot after shot of mouth-watering food.” “Paik may have hit on the perfect combination of style and subject; experimental enough to satisfy hard-core art crowds, fascinating enough to capture the average television mentality.”

-(Artforum, March 1979)

• Produced by Gregory Battcock, Nam June Paik, with Sari Solomon, Lisa Zust, A. Krepansky. (1979, 30 mins, color, Tape Courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix)

Guadalcanal Requiem
• Produced and Directed by Nam June Paik. With Charlotte Morman. (1977, 45 mins, color)

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