Záviš, the Prince of Pornofolk Under the Influence of Griffith's Intolerance and Tati's Mr. Hulot's Holiday or The Rise and Fall of Czechoslovakia (1918–1992)

). A ketchup fight, a reconstruction of the battle of Austerlitz, and a motorbike show underscore the difficulties of the Czech Republic's entrance into the global economy, which has been marked by corruption scandals and environmental disasters. According to Vachek, “Most world events are pseudo-events and most human activity is pseudo-activity. We engage in things that do not provide us with sustenance, do not lead to the preservation of the human species or the multiplication of knowledge. We engage in pseudo-activity and afterwards want to have fun or forget. We use energy, obtained from God knows where, use it for pseudo-activity and, thus, break the branch we sit on. That is what my film is about.”

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