• Jay Heikes Music for Minor Planets edition

    Jay Heikes: Music for Minor Planets (detail), 2018; sheet music and two elements; 12 x 14 x 2.5 in.; published by RITE Editions.

  • Zeena Parkins

    Zeena Parkins. Photo: Glen DiCrocco.

  • William Winant

    William Winant

  • Jay Heikes MATRIX 269 installation view

    Jay Heikes / MATRIX 269 (installation view). Photo: Johnna Arnold.

Zeena Parkins and William Winant Perform Music for Minor Planets

Join us for an exciting afternoon of musical performance with renowned avant-garde harpist Zeena Parkins and percussionist William Winant, performing an interpretation of Jay Heikes's Music for Minor Planets. On view in the exhibition Jay Heikes / MATRIX 269, the edition Music for Minor Planets relates to a series of drawings bearing the same title that are amalgamations of graphic scores and cosmological representations. In the edition, Heikes renders a series of line drawings made with a pencil rake—a tool he created that makes multiple marks simultaneously—directly over sheet music, adding embellishments that evoke moons and planets. Heikes’s interest in music comes full circle in this concert, in which the two-dimensional drawings—which in turn inform his sculptures in the exhibition—are transformed into the sonic dimension of time.