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Hans Hofmann: The Nature of Abstraction

Hans Hofmann: The Nature of Abstraction offers a fresh look at an artist you thought you knew. Hofmann’s expressive paintings illustrate a continuously experimental and intellectually rigorous approach, which developed across two world wars and pan-Atlantic avant-gardes. This retrospective spans the entirety of the artist's career, connecting understudied early works to iconic late-career paintings, to offer new insight into Hofmann’s practice and legacy.

Dive deeper into the exhibition through video interviews with curator Lucinda Barnes, excerpts from the catalog, and quotes from the artist.


Audio Transcript:
"To me, painting means Forming with color. The color development produces ‘the Form’ of the composition. There is a precise psychological meaning in the color, ‘an absolute’ in the development toward such a meaning by which painting becomes poetry.”
Hans Hofmann, 1949