Introducing: L@TE

What are you doing on Friday? In November, we launched L@TE: Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (or later) most Fridays. L@TE is the brainchild of our wonderful director, Larry Rinder. He selected several artist/writer/curator-types to program Gallery B, the museum’s dramatic 6,692-square-foot atrium space. Sarah Cahill is programming new music on the first Fridays; Franklin Melendez is tapping into the East Bay’s D.I.Y. culture on the second Fridays, and Anne Colvin is creating hybrid experiences drawn from literature, music and film on the third Fridays. On the last Friday of each month, our PFA curators take over. This category is dedicated to previewing and documenting aspects of our L@TE program.