Last Night on 60 Minutes

The mystery behind a short silent film of San Francisco’s Market Street made in 1906 was the subject of an October 17 report on 60 Minutes. But you saw it here first.

The clearest of the three surviving copies, owned by local film archivist and historian Rick Prelinger, played last month at BAM/PFA. A program called Landscape as Expression featured the Miles Brothers’ A Trip Down Market Street as the kick off for Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area an eagerly awaited project which includes a book, film series, an exhibition, and more.

It turns out this snapshot of the past captured a particularly fleeting moment in time. By all accounts this trip down Market Street was filmed just one week before the historic 1906 earthquake and fire completely changed the landscape of the city.

Hear Radical Light editor Steve Anker and filmmaker Lawrence Jordan speak about this film in the program podcast.

Watch the 60 minutes segment, a digitized version of the short film, and read more about the mystery behind this film on the 60 minutes website.