L@TE by the Numbers

As we count down to our 100th L@TE event (coming in the fall), we thought we’d take a look back over the past few years and do a little “visual countdown” here on Blook.


100 Metronomes

William Winant Percussion Group and Special Guests
This celebration of the twentieth-century avant-garde included a performance of György Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes:

100 metronomes.jpg


15 Guitars

Pacific Guitar Ensemble
The Pacific Guitar Ensemble showed up in full force to perform Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint:
15 guitars.jpg


14 People getting a dance lesson from Brontez

Brontez with Brilliant Colors
As part of an interactive performance, dancer/musician Brontez Purnell led audience members in a special dance lesson (image by Janelle Hessig):

14 getting a dance lesson (Janelle Hessig).jpg


13 Strings on a koto

Miya Masaoka
Thirteen strings you can see, anyway. Virtuoso Miya Masaoka brought her “laser koto,” which also includes beams of light that she plays like strings.

13 strings on Masaoka's koto.jpg


12 Cardboard Tubes

Laetitia Sonami and Real Vocal String Quartet
Sound artist Laetitia Sonami constructed this sculpture, with microphones embedded in giant cardboard tubes:

12 tubes.jpg


11 Parades and Changes dancers

Anna Halprin: Parades and Changes
Anna Halprin and Morton Subotnick brought their seminal work Parades and Changes back to our galleries, and stunned audiences for three nights (image by Pak Han):

11 dancers (Pak Han).jpg


10 Tea lovers

The Sun (Part One)
Local tea purveyor Tealchemy provided refreshments at this daytime E@RLY event that also included music by Jennifer Curtis and Date Palms:

10 people enjoying tealchemy.jpg


9 Tranimals

Machine Project’s Confuse-a-Tron
Austin Young’s Tranimal Workshop visited BAM/PFA, and treated audience volunteers to a conveyor belt of extreme drag makeup and costume artists (image by Alberta Mayo):

9 Tranimals (Alberta Mayo).jpg


8 Celli

Thingamajigs: ]MA[
All-cello ensemble Celli performed new pieces of music written specifically for the group:

8 celli.jpg


7 Funkateers

Positively Alphabet Street
PC Muñoz’s Singing Blood, an all-star band of Bay Area musicians, played brilliant mash-ups of Prince and Bob Dylan:

7 funkateers.jpg


6 Pianos

A Tribute to Julius Eastman
This concert featured music by the under-appreciated late composer, including two of his works for six pianos:

6 pianos.jpg


5 Projections behind 5 musicians

Pamela Z with Christina McPhee
This multimedia meditation on the ecosystem, Carbon Song Cycle, was created by composer Pamela Z and video artist Christina McPhee:

5 projections behind 5 musicians.jpg


4 BareTroupers

Members of this UC Berkeley student performance group performed excerpts from Spring Awakening to an enthusiastic audience:

4 BareTroupers.jpg


3 Boopers

NegativWobblyLand created an epic shifting soundscape, using ingenious electronics, including home-brewed analog feedback instruments called boopers:

3 Negativwobblylanders.jpg


2 Dodos

The Dodos
Indie rock duo The Dodos brought the house down and made a crowd of 600 jump and shout amid the installation work of Barry McGee:

2 dodos.jpg



1 (and only) Terry Riley

Terry Riley: Pipe Dreams
Our very first L@TE event in 2009 featured the enormously influential composer Terry Riley, achieving transcendence at the piano:

1 Terry Riley.jpg