Machine Project's Confuse-a-tron Enlightens More than It Obscures

The Los Angeles-based art performance and installation space Machine Project produces events and programs that make rarified knowledge more accessible. Machine Project’s first L@TE event Confuse-a-tron was a sort of “workshop mash-up” that offered hands-on tutorials on converting melons into amplified drums, cloning plants, making kimchee, and applying tranimal make-up. Check out the video.

Tonight Machine Project concludes its series of L@TE events with Triway Hyperlecture Cage Match. The evening will offer a treasure trove of real and made-up knowledge for anyone who ever cared to know about phrenological graverobbing, pre-1860 automobiles, the lizard people and their tunnels under Los Angeles, mechanical televisions, ergotism, demonic possession, and the scourge of masturbation and its relationship to capitalism. This verbal bout for esoteric knowledge supremacy will be preceded by j.frede and his wine-glass drone ensemble, and underwater recordings of the San Francisco Bay.

Photo: Meghan Caudill