The Making of The World Garden


Photo: Sibila Savage

BAMPFA commissioned contemporary Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie, who is best known for his work in video, photography, and performance, to create the first work in our site-specific Art Wall series. Qiu traveled to Berkeley and in just four days produced his monumental mural, a visual and textual compendium of various gardens and garden motifs from around the world, using traditional Chinese painting techniques.

As The World Garden is about to be replaced by the next work in the Art Wall series, East Bay artist Terri Friedman's much-anticipated Yarn Painting, you can relive the making of Qiu's painting by watching this video. The mural will also live on in a poster and an illustrated booklet with an essay by the artist, both available in the BAMPFA Store. The World Garden will be on view through August 11.