Slides: Inking the Ari Marcopoulos Catalog

Grace Engels

It’s fitting that the photographer Ari Marcopoulos would have a hand in designing his BAM/PFA exhibition catalog, Ari Marcopoulos: Within Arm’s Reach. It turns out that the Sonoma-based photographer is also a prolific ‘zine maker. Over the summer, Ari collaborated with JRP Ringier, the Swiss-based publishing house, and worked with their fantastic designer Gilles Gavillet. The cover of the catalog is soft cardboard, the images are printed on a glossy bright white stock, and the essays—located in the back of the book—are printed on uncoated pink stock. The result is a catalog that feels simultaneously self-made and elegant. The images in the slide-show were shot while the book was on press in Italy.

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