Slides: Marker Dance Party

Franklin Melendez

On February 12 nearly 500 people (well—475 to be exact) gathered in Gallery B for an exercise in communal art making. In collaboration with the art collective, Rock Paper Scissors (who provided a great idea), BAM/PFA opened itself up as a public forum for art, inviting those who were so inclined to leave their creative mark on its walls. The formula was a relatively simple one: empty walls + paper + markers = Marker Dance Party. But the results exceed the equation. In fact, they pretty much speak for themselves—so we’ll simply add that they attest to a rich and thriving East Bay creative community that’s eager to find an unexpected creative outlet and shake a tail feather.

  • Marker Dance 4.JPG

    RPS Volunteer, Ara Jo, getting the party started.

  • Marker Dance 5.JPG

    Joining the fun.

  • A Quick Draw

  • Marker Dance 6.JPG

    Handiwork and wall relief

  • Marker Dance 7.JPG

    Looking for drawing space…

  • Marker Dance 8.JPG

    Impromptu Art of Display

  • Marker Dance in Full Swing