Slides: Skank Bloc Recap

Peter Cavagnaro

What do you get when you mix fencing, Marxist pop, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and a 1,500 sq. foot orange blob? You get Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four. The maiden performance of Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four at BAM/PFA on Friday, February 19 was a L@TE night unlike any other as these images and video will attest.

Expect more of the unexpected when Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four returns to BAM/PFA on March 19 with a line-up featuring Tosh Berman’s presentation of Aleph, his father Wallace Berman’s hand-painted filmic meditation on life, death, mysticism, politics, and pop culture; physically challenging “actions” by local artist, dominatrix, and submission wrestler Jennifer Locke; and a recorded sonic tour by U.K.-based dub poet Lynton Kwesi Johnston.

  • Fencers.jpg

    Members of the Cal Fencing Club recreate Jack Goldstein’s Two Fencers

  • Scritti Politti.jpg

    Red on Greens: Greens, featuring Cliff Hengst, Scott Hewicker, Karla Milosevich, and Kota Uetsu perform Scritti Politti’s “Skank Bloc Bologna”

  • Audience.jpg

    The L@TE scene

  • Eugene Robinson.jpg

    Oxbow front man and performer Eugene Robinson kinda, but not really, reads from his latest book A Long Slow Screw

  • The Wall.jpg

    L@TEcomers find unique vantage points from which to view the performance

  • Derek Jarman.jpg

    Derek Jarman as Pier Paolo Pasolini in Ostia

  • Anne Colvin.jpg

    Ms. Skank Bloc Bologna: guest programmer Anne Colvin

  • DJ Citizen Zane.jpg

    KALX DJ Citizen Zain

  • Larry Rinder.jpg

    BAM/PFA Director Lawrence Rinder


    Skank Bloc Bologna Number Four from Robin Griswold