Project #3
Paper Plant Making

By Alayna Tinney

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  • Paper Plant Making

  • We used:

    • Paper

    • Markers

    • String

    • Scissors

    • Glue with brush

    Our paper plant was inspired by a backyard Angel Trumpet

  • To make:

    1. - cut out and fold this shape (a scalloped fan)
      - put glue on the far left front side and on the far right back side
      - color or decolorate paper

    2. - Pressed glued edges together
      *snip the pointy end with scissors just a little to make a hole

    3. - Make a knot at the end of a string and thread the string through the flower and so that a knot catches on the inside of the flower

    4. - Hang your flower(s) to liven up your home as you shelter in place. Or consider hanging some paper flowers on your mailbox with a thank you note to your USPS letter carrier. To support Hazard Pay for all USPS workers go to to sign a petition.

  • Now, study your own house, backyard, or neighborhood plants. What shapes, colors, and feelings do they evoke? Make your own and share with us at #bampfaartlab