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Project #4
Camera Obscura

By Alix Blevins

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  • BAMPFA Art Lab Curriculum #04 — Spring 2020

    Camera Obscura

  • A camera obscura is a natural phenomenon that predates the invention of film technology. It is a tool for looking and reproduction that has been used by artists for centuries.


    • A room with (ideally) only one window)

    • Large piece(s) of cardboard, or other sturdy opaque material

    • Utility knife or other cutting tool

    • Duct tape

    • Aluminum foil

    • X-Acto knife

  • How To:

    1. Cut out a piece of cardboard (or several pieces of cardboard) to fit your window(s) dimensions.

    2. Cut out a square area (around 5”x5”) from the center of your cut cardboard.

    3. Place the cardboard in the window(s) and duct tape in place, covering any light leaks.

    4. Cut out a piece of aluminun foil, roughly 6”x6” (just larger than the hole in the cardboard). In the center of the foil, cut out a small circular hole. The diameter should be 0.5 inches or smaller.

    5. Tape the foil over the hole in the cardboard. Make sure the circular hole “lens” has a clear view outside.

    6. Cover any remaining light leaks, such as around the door.

  • Close the door and turn off the lights. Let your eyes adjust and view the projected image!