Valéry Grancher
France, b. 1967

Artwork website: 24h00

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Interactive Web project sponsored by BAM; part of a larger project, Côte Ouest, sponsored by the French government; purchase made possible through a gift from the Jan Boyce Fund for Contemporary Art, The Norma H. Schlesinger, Andrew and Paul Spiegel Fund, and the Friends and Trustees Acquisitions Endowment Fund.

In 24h00, Valéry Grancher asked twenty-four UC Berkeley students to take one photograph every hour, on the hour, for twenty-four consecutive and concurrent hours, and to record their emotion each time in one word. He then presented this communal performance online. 24h00 asks us to examine the relationship between our online lives and our physical lives, critiquing the hype of “24/7,” that mythical state that does not recognize change in the form of sleep, circadian rhythms, or, by extension, even death.

Artist Bio:
Valéry Grancher is a French Internet-based artist, performer, theorist, curator, and lecturer. Grancher's art is a mix of conceptual and pop art references, sometimes with a sense of humor, sometimes appropriating the fads of the day. When Grancher started in the art world in 1995, he employed email to reveal the processes and exchanges within the Internet community, manifesting in physical installations such as Alone (1995). In 1997 he used webcams in his project webscape, which dealt with the concept of “cybertime.” In 1998, Grancher experimented with pop art in his webpaintings project. In 2002, as Google began to dominate the Internet, he launched the “Search Art” collaborative project by creating a piece called Self Portrait. Google had become a buzzword in the art world, and numerous artists had previously plundered the subject to death. In 2005 he exhibited and sold at FIAC, the international art fair in Paris, “the biggest Google paintings never (sic) produced.”

Artist website:

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