In Popular Terms: The Evolving Language of Ecology

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In Popular Terms: The Evolving Language of Ecology
Remixing: 24h00
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While Grancher's 24h00 reveals the changing self through photographs and underscores the relationship between online and bodily senses of time, In Popular Terms examines the evolving vocabulary of ecology and exposes the tensions between online language and real-world practices. It asks how our conception of our place in nature has been impacted by a shift from the use of terms such as “spaceship Earth” in the past to “thermal pollution,” ”global warming,” and “climate change” in the present. Drawing from both historical sources and contemporary usage on the Internet, In Popular Terms maps the catch phrases, scientific terminologies, and bumper sticker slogans that evince the evolving language we use to describe our relation to nature.

Alison Sant
Marina McDougall
Gilbert Guerrero
Christian Nold
Rick and Megan Prelinger
Gabrielle Teschner
Ram Subramanian

Artists' Bio:
Founded in 2006, The Studio for Urban Projects is a research and working group that works within art, ecology, architecture, and the public realm to generate projects that re-imagine the urban landscape. The Studio asks questions, conducts experiments, proposes possibilities, and physically models visionary ideas for urban transformation. The Studio's core members-including Alison Sant, Richard Johnson, Marina McDougall, and Kirstin Bach-work collaboratively with individuals and institutions in the presentation of projects, public programs, and publications. In Popular Terms was created in collaboration with Marina McDougall, Gilbert Guerrero, Christian Nold, Rick and Megan Prelinger, Gabrielle Teschner, and Ram Subramanian.

Posted by admin on December 22, 2014