Selected Press Coverage for L@TE: Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA

East Bay Express
July, 15, 2010
Best of the Bay Feature: “Best Live Music in a Museum: L@TE Series”
“One does not often get the sense that a museum is tapped in to vital underground culture, but the Berkeley Art Museum has proven itself with L@TE: a series of Friday-night performances showcasing some of the Bay's best local music. The five-floor cement reverb chamber that serves as the galleries is a wonderful acoustic space for artists to fill with sound - like Ellen Fullman using the entire building as a resonator for the overtone drones of her fifty-foot Long String Instrument, or Loachfillet sending deep blips of tape machine feedback bouncing off the walls. Shows have featured Bay Area musical pioneers like Terry Riley and the Residents, as well as more recent local artists like Sic Alps and Eats Tapes…You can wander through the exhibits while getting new spatial perspectives on the sound. Upcoming performances feature Grouper, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, and Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart.”


San Francisco Bay Guardian
December, 12 2010
Hairy Eyeball/Year in Art”
"Turning staid-by-day museums into hip nightspots for hip young folks has been the hip thing for institutions to do for some time now. Thankfully, the Berkeley Art Museum knows how to do it right. Skip the catered canapés and light show, and focus on programming that is truly varied and more often than not, locally-minded - from Terry Riley celebrating his 75th to Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart improvising film soundtracks, from performance artist Kalup Linzy singing dirty love songs to outré Mexican B cinema- all for next to nothing."-Matt Sussman


The Daily Clog (Daily Californian blog)
February 7, 2011
L@TE Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA” (Paul Dresher with Joel Davel)
“…Friday evening series of concerts, film showings, light shows, jazz jams and other events have been happening in the space for the last three years. They always sound fascinating on paper, particularly those curated by Sarah Cahill… the dynamically shaped blocks of concrete at the Berkeley Art Museum ended up creating something of an acoustical shell that happily bounced the sound back to the listeners. This was particularly true for the two homemade electronic instruments, the Quadrachord and Hurdy Grande… it was fascinating to hear, and the large museum space, with its "controversial" curved wooden seating that you can lay on, was a cool setting.”
-Sophia Lee

The Daily Californian
February 18, 2011
Picks: “Super-Gigantic Halflifers DVD Mega Release Party”
“…Tonight's edition of L@TE: Friday Nights at the Berkeley Art Museum, couldn't possibly compare with actually sitting through the waves of awesome that is an “omnidirectional, construction-colored exploration vehicle followed by an “anthro-engineered dough object-by which we mean a sugar-frosted biomemory conduit activated by physical ingestion,” by which we hope they mean food.”
-Sophia Lee

San Francisco Chronicle
February 17, 2011
Picks: “Brontez with Brilliant Colors”
“Picture a crossover mod-dance moment of the rawest sort as the Deep South-bred Purnell led a troupe of dancers through an enactment of a spiritual death and communal rebirth.”
-Kimberly Chun


Lies Like Truth Arts Blog
September 6, 2010
Post: “Just Your Average Friday Night in Berkeley”
“I imagine that there are few other places in the world you can go where, within the space of an hour or two, you can: Hear Terry Riley play freewheeling proto-jazz compositions on the piano while wandering the galleries of the Berkeley Art Museum perusing 16th century Japanese art from the Clark Center Collection, an exhibition on Hauntology in art…and an installation and movie screening by the filmmaker and kinetic sculptor Brent Green.”
-Chloe Veltman


The Mercury News
September 3, 2010
Picks: “Time Out: Weekend Good Times – Life of Riley”
“This is the first Friday of the month, avant-garde music lovers, and that means pianist and radio host Sarah Cahill of Berkeley has something cool lined up for the ‘L@TE Friday Nights at BAM/PFA' program at the Berkeley Art Museum tonight. This innovative party-cum-music-cum-art happening has been going on since 2009. Tonight's installment brings back new-music pioneer Terry Riley, who launched the very first program, for a concert that celebrates his 75th birthday. No matter that the celebrated composer -- a known collaborator with Indian classical musicians, rock bands, jazz artists and string quartets -- actually hit 75 in June. He again will be joined by his guitarist son Gyan Riley for a performance that will have folks mesmerized.”
-Sue Gilmore

The Daily Californian
June 10, 2010
Review: “Artists in Residence”
“The Residents, despite a generally low profile, apparently have a devoted following around the Bay. The BAM was packed - the museum's Administrative Coordinator, Sean Carson, reports a turnout of 1009, the largest audience for a L@TE event so far - with onlookers arrayed across the many balconies of the tiered galleries. This show constitutes a break from their ongoing ‘Talking Light' project, for which they will return to Europe, with a two-night stint at the Centre Pompidou in France. At this point, they're sub rosa rock royalty, and they continue to see the world through a defiantly different lens, eyeball masks or no.
-Sam Stander

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