African Film Festival 2018

March 8–May 6, 2018

This annual festival showcases the best of African cinema and films from the diaspora.

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  • Green White Green

  • Play the Devil

  • Marabout

  • Uprize!

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Past Films

  • Vaya

    • Sunday, May 6 7 PM
    Akin Omotoso
    South Africa, 2016

    Three strangers from the South African hinterlands journey to bustling Johannesburg looking for success but find far more than they bargained for in this well-crafted urban noir, an Amores perros for twenty-first-century Africa.

  • Africa and the Diaspora: Short Films

    • Wednesday, May 2 7 PM

    Tonight’s program mingles short African fiction films with documentary essays from the diaspora. Discover works by Alassane Sy and Mamadou Dia (Senegal), Cedric Ido (Burkina Faso), Lebert Bethune (Jamaica), and Carlos Javier Ortiz (Oakland by way of Chicago).

    Carlos Javier Ortiz in Person

  • Green White Green

    • Thursday, April 19 7 PM
    Abba Makama
    Nigeria, 2016

    Three friends join together to get through the dog days of a Lagos summer—and create a film—in this salute to the creativity and vitality of Nigerian youth, which has garnered comparisons to early Spike Lee.

  • Pioneer of Nigerien Cinema: Short Films by Moustapha Alassane

    • Sunday, March 25 7 PM

    Alassane’s films range from animations to ethnography-infused comedies and adaptations of African legends, all sharing a playful humor and incisive commentary on modern Africa.

  • Play the Devil

    • Thursday, March 22 7 PM
    Maria Govan
    Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, United States, 2016

    Bahamian director Maria Govan, one of the Caribbean’s rising filmmakers, returns with this atmospheric noir drama on class divides, sexual repression, and identity in Trinidad.

  • Mapantsula

    • Sunday, March 18 4:30 PM
    Oliver Schmitz, Thomas Mogotlane
    South Africa, 1988

    An apolitical small-time crook in Soweto gets swept up in political protests in this legendary 1988 film, the first anti-apartheid feature made in South Africa and a still-vital time capsule of protest, street culture, and pride.

    Introduction by Cornelius Moore

  • The African Who Wanted to Fly

    • Sunday, March 11 7 PM
    Samantha Biffot
    Gabon, France, Belgium, 2016

    This sweet-natured documentary showcases the remarkable life of a man who journeyed from a small Gabonese village to China to study martial arts, and eventually star in kung fu films. With Nora Chipaumire’s Afrofuturist short Afro Promo #1 (Kinglady).

  • Uprize!

    • Thursday, March 8 7 PM
    Sifiso Khanyile
    South Africa, 2017

    Uprize! revisits South Africa’s Soweto Uprising, which began as a student rebellion and became a founding moment in the history of anti-apartheid struggle. With Jamaican filmmaker Lebert Bethune’s historic 1967 film Malcolm X: Struggle for Freedom.

    Introduction by Gillian Hart