African Film Festival 2023

October 1–November 16, 2023

This year’s edition of the African Film Festival invites audiences to learn from and bear witness to the stories, visions, and histories of people across Africa and the African diaspora, whether through moments of the past that still mark our present day or through the events and struggles that color and define our current lives.

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  • Egúngún (Masquerade)

  • Money, Freedom, a Story of the CFA Franc

  • Ama: An African Voyage of Discovery

  • The Last Shelter

  • Juwaa

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Past Films

  • Colette and Justin

    • Thursday, November 16 7 PM
    Alain Kassanda
    France, Belgium, 2022

    The history of the Congo’s decolonization and independence is glimpsed through the recollections of the filmmaker’s grandparents in this New York Times Critic’s Pick, a “deeply personal, sometimes poetic, sometimes harrowing history of oppression, revolution, betrayal, disillusionment, and love” (Business Doc Europe).

  • Tug of War

    • Sunday, November 12 7 PM
    Amil Shivji
    Tanzania, South Africa, Germany, Qatar, 2021

    A young Marxist and a runaway Indian Zanzibari bride find love and revolutionary fervor amidst the atmospheric alleys and taarab nightclubs of 1950s-era Stone Town, Zanzibar, in this gorgeously languid Tanzanian period drama, and anti-colonial In the Mood for Love.

    Introduced by Zamansele Nsele

  • Ama: An African Voyage of Discovery

    • Sunday, November 5 4:30 PM
    Kwesi Owusu, Nii Kwate Owoo
    United Kingdom, Ghana, 1991

    A Ghanaian English teenager’s chance discovery reawakens African legends and stories in an early 1990s England of floppy discs, yuppies, racists, and neon jackets in this restored 1991 cornerstone of diasporic Black cinema.

  • Money, Freedom, a Story of the CFA Franc

    • Thursday, November 2 7 PM
    Katy Lena N’diaye
    Senegal, France, Belgium, Germany, 2022

    The tainted history of the CFA franc, a currency created (and still controlled) by France for its former sub-Saharan colonies, is investigated here, in “the most important contemporary document on Francophone Africa’s malignant economic relations with France” (Film Verdict).

  • With Peter Bradley

    • Sunday, October 22 4 PM
    Alex Rappoport
    United States, 2023

    Pioneering Black abstract artist and curator Peter Bradley reflects on life and art in this invigorating, intimate documentary portrait. “Documentary in its purest form: one subject speaking and showing us his life and work. It is riveting” (Film Threat). With two short films by painter/filmmaker Mike Henderson.

    Alex Rappoport and Mike Henderson in Person

  • Juwaa

    • Friday, October 20 7 PM
    Nganji Mutiri
    Democratic Republic of the Congo, Belgium, 2021

    A mother and son confront (or avoid) the past that drove them apart in this powerfully acted Congolese/Belgian drama of identity, family ties, and intergenerational trauma, winner of Best Film at the Kinshasa Film Festival.

  • The Last Shelter

    • Thursday, October 12 7 PM
    Ousmane Zoromé Samassékou
    Mali, France, South Africa, 2021

    A transit house on the edge of the Sahara provides the last refuge for African migrants on their way through the desert—toward Algeria, Europe, or failure. “An arresting, artful, fragmentary portrait” (Variety).

  • African Film Festival Shorts Program

    • Sunday, October 1 7 PM

    From Nigeria to South Africa, London to Lagos, these short films bear witness to the extraordinary talents and stories of Africa and the African diaspora. The program includes John Ogunmuyiwa’s Precious Hair & Beauty, Olive Nwosu’s Egúngún, Tisa Chigaga’s Frieda, and Reabetswe Moeti’s Botlhale and Mma Moeketsi.