Afterimage: Filmmakers and Critics in Conversation: Kelly Reichardt with B. Ruby Rich

11/11/10 to 11/13/10

This debut of the new Filmmakers and Critics series pairs Kelly Reichardt with B. Ruby Rich for several nights of screenings and conversation. Reichardt's social-realist films for the modern age, such as Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy, have earned her a reputation as “an indispensable American filmmaker.” She will be in conversation with acclaimed critic and author B. Ruby Rich.

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  • Wendy and Lucy, November 13

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Past Films

  • Wendy and Lucy

    • Saturday, November 13 8:30 PM

    Kelly Reichardt (U.S., 2008). Screening followed by Kelly Reichardt in conversation with B. Ruby Rich. Michelle Williams is a young woman who loses her way-and her dog-in the Pacific Northwest, in this award-winning American indie, named to multiple Best-of-2008 and even many Best-of-the-Decade lists. “A lucid and melancholy inquiry into the current state of American society.”-NY Times (80 mins)

  • Old Joy

    • Friday, November 12 7:00 PM

    Kelly Reichardt (U.S., 2006). Two old friends reunite for a backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest, but find their paths have diverged, in this “triumph of modesty and of seriousness that also happens to be one of the finest American films of the year.”- NY Times (76 mins)

  • River of Grass

    • Friday, November 12 9:00 PM

    Kelly Reichardt (U.S., 1993). New Print. Introduced by Kelly Reichardt. A thirty-something housewife goes on the lam with a young drifter in this atmospheric tale from the Florida swamplands. “Original, controlled filmmaking by creative independents who clearly understand the B-movie legacy they're tapping into.”-Sundance Film Festival (85 mins)

  • Ode

    • Thursday, November 11 7:00 PM

    Kelly Reichardt (U.S., 1999). Kelly Reichardt in Person. The 1960s teenage love story of Bobbie Lee and Billy Joe, retold in dusky Southern rhythms with a languid soundtrack by Will Oldham. With shorts Then a Year (“lyrical, ominous, and evocative of how horribly love can hurt”-Village Voice) and Travis. (75 mins)