Afterimage: The Films of Singapore's Royston Tan

3/17/13 to 3/20/13

International art-house favorite and so-called “bad-boy” of Singaporean cinema Royston Tan introduces three of his films and joins us on March 20 for a conversation with local artist and critic Valerie Soe following a screening of 15. Tan began making provocative short films, which caught the attention of Singapore's film censors, when he was just twenty-one; his subsequent films have included candid takes on the forbidden pleasures of disaffected youth as well as affectionate homages to his homeland.

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Past Films

  • 15

    • Wednesday, March 20 7 PM

    Royston Tan (Singapore, 2003). Royston Tan and Valerie Soe in conversation. High-velocity angst in an artificial Eden, Royston Tan's irreverent first feature dredges up an underworld of teen dropouts, druggies, and dead-enders. (93 mins)

  • Old Romances

    • Sunday, March 17 6 pm

    Royston Tan (Singapore, 2012). Royston Tan in person. “Old places are like old lovers to me, you never forget them,” says director Royston Tan. In this sequel to the documentary Old Places, Tan takes us on a fond outing to experience Singapore through the recollections of everyday citizens. (77 mins)

  • 881

    • Sunday, March 17 7:45 PM

    Royston Tan (Singapore, 2007). Royston Tan in person. Singapore's resident bad-boy Royston Tan pays tribute to his country's kitschiest love-getai, stage musicals that are part small-time Vegas revues and full-time campy fun-in this delirious comedy involving the Papaya Sisters, who dream of winning a national contest. (105 mins)