Afterimage: Leslie Thornton

10/15/14 to 10/16/14

New York–based experimental filmmaker Leslie Thornton combines original and found footage, sound, and texts to create indefinable works that cross narrative, science fiction, ethnography, and documentary forms. She presents her work and joins in conversation with Pooja Rangan, assistant professor of culture and media at the New School in New York, on October 15 and 16.

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Past Films

  • An Aesthetic of Uncertainty: Cinema by Leslie Thornton

    • Thursday, October 16 7:00 PM

    Leslie Thornton (US, 1983–2014). Leslie Thornton and Pooja Rangan in conversation. A selection of Thornton's short films and digital videos that explore how the West looks at the East; how we look at animals, nature, and each other; and how technology impacts these interactions. Films include Adynata, Binocular Menagerie, Philosophers Walk on the Sublime, and more. (75 mins)

  • Peggy and Fred in Hell

    • Wednesday, October 15 7:00 PM

    Leslie Thornton (US, 1985–2013). Leslie Thornton and Pooja Rangan in conversation. Two eerie children inhabit an eerie world in Thornton's landmark series, which examines sexual differences and experiences on the edge. “One of the crowning achievements of the post-1980 avant-garde" (William C. Wees). (95 mins)