Against Indifference: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski

6/1/06 to 6/27/06

  • Blind Chance, June 8

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Past Films

  • No End

    • Tuesday, June 27 19:30

    An activist lawyer's widow fights to overcome her sorrow by helping her husband's remaining client, a jailed labor activist, in this key portrait of Poland under martial law, made immediately after the crackdown on the Solidarity movement. "Grief-stricken, sensual and hard to forget."-L.A. Times. "Essential viewing."-Time Out

  • The Scar

    • Wednesday, June 21 19:30

    Kieslowski used the circumstances and stories of earlier documentary subjects for this fictional work about an idealistic factory manager undone by greed, incompetence, and indifference. Satire? Metaphor? More like social realism. With short Slate.

  • Personnel and Final Documentary Shorts

    • Tuesday, June 20 19:30

    A young tailor, in love with the magic of theater, is quickly disillusioned after getting a job with an acting troupe in Kieslowski's intriguing feature debut, made for Polish television. With shorts From the Point of View of the Night Porter, Seven Women of Different Ages, Talking Heads, and Railway Station.

  • Three Colors: Blue

    • Saturday, June 17 16:00

    Please see June 10.

  • Three Colors: White

    • Saturday, June 17 18:45

    Kieslowski returned to his native Poland for this earthy, very Eastern European comedy involving a beaten-down Pole who aims for "equality" and plots revenge against his beautiful French ex-wife (Julie Delpy).

  • Three Colors: Red

    • Saturday, June 17 20:45

    A chance encounter brings together two solitary individuals-a model (Irène Jacob) and a retired judge (Jean-Louis Trintignant)-in Kieslowski's meditation on the need for "fraternity."

  • Camera Buff

    • Wednesday, June 14 19:30

    A factory worker and family man takes up 8mm moviemaking to film his daughter's birth, but winds up caught between self-expression and state censorship. A remarkable paean to the thrill and danger of artistic expression, starring Jerzy Stuhr. "Outstanding! Both hilarious and down to earth."-Variety

  • Early Works, Program 3: Truth and Fiction

    • Tuesday, June 13 19:30

    Kieslowski goes behind the scenes of a Warsaw hospital in Hospital, an Iron Curtain E.R.: underfunded, overcrowded, and fueled by cigarette smoke. The Underground Passage is his first narrative film, while in Curriculum Vitae he combines truth and fiction by filming a real Communist Party tribunal debating a fictional case.

  • Decalogue 7 and 8

    • Sunday, June 11 15:00

    Please see June 3.

  • Decalogue 9 and 10

    • Sunday, June 11 17:15

    (No 2nd-feature discount.) Please see June 3.

  • The Double Life of Véronique

    • Saturday, June 10 18:30

    Please see June 8.

  • Three Colors: Blue

    • Saturday, June 10 20:30

    After her husband and daughter die in a car accident, a young woman (Juliette Binoche) seeks to liberate herself from all connections-memory, friendship, love-in the first installment ("Liberty") of Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy, based on the symbolic colors of the French flag. Repeated on June 17.

  • The Double Life of Véronique

    • Thursday, June 8 19:00

    Irène Jacob made her screen debut as two Veronicas, one Polish, one French, each blessed with a beautiful voice and cursed with a bad heart. Metaphysical cinema at its finest, "a tour-de-force of flickering, incandescent images."-Village Voice. Repeated on June 10.

  • Blind Chance

    • Thursday, June 8 21:00

    Kieslowski's Solidarity-era precursor to the Three Colors trilogy is three films in one, telling the possible futures of its protagonist: Party member, dissident, or apolitical family man. "One of Kieslowski's best films. . . . Should not be missed."-Hollywood Reporter

  • Early Works, Program 2: In Everyone's Life There Are Stories

    • Wednesday, June 7 19:30

    This program showcases a director merging the truth-telling capacity of documentary with the narrative richness of fiction. Included are Bricklayer, X-Ray, and First Love, a precursor to reality TV that follows a young couple as they prepare to become parents.

  • Early Works, Program 1: To Describe the World

    • Tuesday, June 6 19:30

    Socially committed, relevatory cinema, Kieslowski's political documentaries follow Polish workers' strikes (Workers 1971), a racer's tangles with bureaucracy (Before the Rally), the conflict between workers and management (Factory), and a funeral home staff's indifference (Refrain).

  • Decalogue 1 and 2

    • Sunday, June 4 13:30

    Please see June 1.

  • Decalogue 3 and 4

    • Sunday, June 4 15:45

    (No 2nd-feature discount.) Please see June 2.

  • Decalogue 5 and 6

    • Sunday, June 4 19:00

    (No 2nd-feature discount.) Please see June 2.

  • Decalogue 7 and 8

    • Saturday, June 3 18:30

    Boguslaw Linda (Blind Chance) stars as a witness to a custody battle in "Thou Shalt Not Steal." In "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness," the repercussions of the Holocaust are brought to life in an ethics class. Repeated on June 11.

  • Decalogue 9 and 10

    • Saturday, June 3 20:45

    (No 2nd-feature discount.) A Lothario turned impotent husband allows his wife a lover, with ruinous results, in "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife," while Jerzy Stuhr and Zbigniew Zamachowski play squabbling brothers in the comedic "Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods." Repeated on June 11.

  • Decalogue 5 and 6

    • Friday, June 2 21:15

    (No 2nd-feature discount.) A man murders a taxi driver and is sentenced to death in "Thou Shalt Not Kill," "the most unsettling and riveting of Kieslowski's series" (Hollywood Reporter), while a young man spies on an older woman in "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery." Repeated on June 4.

  • Decalogue 3 and 4

    • Friday, June 2 19:00

    A woman appears at her ex-lover's home on Christmas Eve in "Honor the Sabbath Day." In "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother," a young student discovers a web of family deceptions. Repeated on June 4.

  • Kieslowski's First Films (Free Screening!)

    • Thursday, June 1 17:30

    Free Screening! Rare early works and student films by Kieslowski, "one of the greatest of all filmmakers."-Roger Ebert

  • Decalogue 1 and 2

    • Thursday, June 1 19:30

    A father and son put their faith in science while a wife shares a startling secret with her husband's doctor in the debut episodes of Kieslowki's ten-part series based on the Ten Commandments, "a masterwork of modern cinema."-N.Y. Times. Repeated on June 4.