Alternative Visions 2017

September 20–December 3, 2017

BAMPFA's avant-garde showcase is a chance to explore the rich history of experimental cinema.

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  • Sins of the Fleshapoids

  • Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

  • Claudio Caldini: Un enano en el jardín

  • South

  • Lydia García Millán: Color

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  • Past
  • Past

Past Films

  • Experimental Latin American Women Filmmakers

    • Sunday, December 3 4:30 PM

    This program showcases female filmmakers who sought to carve out a place within the male-dominated world of Latin American independent audiovisual production. 

    Introduction by Ángela López Ruiz

  • South

    • Wednesday, November 8 7 PM
    Chantal Akerman
    France, Belgium, 1999

    Chantal Akerman’s film on the American South “conjures the ghosts of the hate crimes and lynchings that have plagued that part of the US for decades. [South] makes its sorrowful points succinctly” (Variety).

  • The Films of Claudio Caldini

    • Wednesday, October 18 7 PM

    A rare visit by the Argentine filmmaker Claudio Caldini, whose Super 8 and regular 8mm films are “eternal, dematerialized, and transcendent” (Pablo Marin).

    Claudio Caldini in Person

  • Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

    • Wednesday, October 4 7 PM
    Tyler Hubby
    United States, 2016

    This playful portrait captures filmmaker, artist, and musician Tony Conrad’s radical and creative life. “Essential viewing for anyone involved in the history of music and visual art” (Artforum). With Beverly and Tony Conrad’s short flicker film Straight and Narrow.

    Tyler Hubby in Person

  • Sins of the Fleshapoids

    • Wednesday, September 20 7 PM
    Mike Kuchar
    United States, 1965

    Mike Kuchar’s sci-fi extravaganza of lusty robots in revolt—featuring his brother George as an evil prince—helped launch American underground cinema. With the Kuchar brothers’ short Night of the Bomb.

    Mike Kuchar in Person