Alternative Visions

3/1/05 to 4/19/05

  • Threnody|April 12

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Past Films

  • Devotional Cinema: Films by Nathaniel Dorsky

    • Tuesday, April 19 7:30pm

    Nathaniel Dorsky in Person. Our tribute to Dorsky continues with the seasonal Hours for Jerome, "an arrangement of images, energies, and illuminations from daily life" (Dorsky), and Pneuma, made from outdated film stock processed without being exposed.

  • Devotional Cinema: Screening and Reading by Nathaniel Dorsky

    • Tuesday, April 12 7:30pm

    Reading and Booksigning by Nathaniel Dorsky. Dorsky reads from his book Devotional Cinema, a meditation on the transformative power of the medium he loves, and screens three of his sensuous and surprising works that infuse the details of daily life with reverential mystery: Threnody, Visitation, and Love's Refrain.

  • a Darkness Swallowed

    • Tuesday, April 5 7:30pm

    Betzy Bromberg in Person. "A meditation on the evanescent traces of memory and loss....There are images that, once seen, will stay with you forever, and then there are the colors-rich, luscious hues to be savored slowly....A reminder of cinema's organic basis in chemistry and light, and of its ability to take us deep inside."-Holly Willis, LA Weekly

  • The Birdpeople

    • Tuesday, March 29 7:30pm

    Michael Gitlin in Person. Three films that delve into the dusty corners of natural history to explore the animal "other": Michael Gitlin's The Birdpeople, a fascinated glimpse into the worlds of bird watching, monitoring, and collecting; Jim Trainor's Magic Kingdom, on our animal relatives and their limitations; and Nancy Andrews's chalk-drawn and puppet-animated Monkey and Lumps.

  • New Works by Andrew Noren

    • Tuesday, March 8 7:30pm

    Andrew Noren in Person. Noren's recent works move between representation and abstraction and carry his mastery of light into the digital medium. We present Time Being and Free to Go (Interlude), "an eye-popping tour through the high points of modern art….Avant-garde cinema at its most sensually beautiful."-Variety

  • Light Thief and Shadow Bandit: Andrew Noren

    • Tuesday, March 1 7:30pm

    Noren's The Lighted Field and Imaginary Light are luminous explorations of texture and shadow. "If one thinks of the movie camera as an instrument with which a filmmaker can compose and perform visual music, Noren may well be the most accomplished visual master musician we have."-Scott MacDonald