Alternative Visions

1/17/06 to 2/28/06

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Past Films

  • The Digital Film Event

    • Tuesday, February 28 19:30

    Introduction and Booksigning by Trinh T. Minh-ha. To commemorate the publication of Trinh's most recent book, we present a selection of her digital works. Two pieces related to the installation The Desert Is Watching observe and transform the landscape of the desert, while The Fourth Dimension explores the cultural landscapes of Japan.

  • Films by Peter Tscherkassky

    • Tuesday, February 14 19:30

    Peter Tscherkassky in Person. "Tscherkassky, strictly working in film as he has done for over two decades, continues to employ celluloid as a singular material with which to investigate theories of subjectivity, memory, and perception, as well as the aesthetic limits of the cinematographic image. Tscherkassky sculpts with time and space, rhythms and arrhythmia in a way that feels like an entirely new film space, a new language altogether."-Senses of Cinema

  • Making History in Avant-Garde Film

    • Tuesday, January 31 19:30

    Introduction and Booksigning by Jeffrey Skoller. Skoller's new book Shadows, Specters, Shards was acclaimed by Yvonne Rainer as "a passionate and close reading of a body of previously neglected [films] revealed to be at the cutting edge of some of the most significant social and intellectual debates of the last three decades." We present two examples: Ernie Gehr's Eureka, refilming a century-ago trip down Market Street, and El Día Que Me Quieras by Leandro Katz, deconstructing a notorious photo of Che Guevara.

  • Crossroads: Avant-Garde Films from Pittsburgh

    • Tuesday, January 17 19:30

    "Pittsburgh has contributed more to cinema than George Romero and Flashdance. [This program, curated by Robert Haller,] illustrates that the city's proximity to the vibrant New York avant-garde, coupled with the arrival of new film arts groups and facilities, led to a significant streak of experimental filmmaking in the 1970s."-Ed Halter, Village Voice