Alternative Visions

2/6/07 to 2/27/07

An evening with Nicky Hamlyn, maker of subtle, concentrated films and author of Film Art Phenomena; and a roundup of recent animation.

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  • Pine Flat, February 27

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Past Films

  • Pine Flat

    • Tuesday, February 27 7:30pm

    Sharon Lockhart in Person. "Artist and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart has crafted an exquisite, meditative portrait of youth in the small rural village of Pine Flat in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. . . . She captures in 12 shots moments of fragility, innocence, playfulness, and sometimes sadness."-Redcat

  • v.o.

    • Tuesday, February 20 7:30pm

    William E. Jones in Person. Jones mashes up anticlimactic moments from '80s gay porn films with soundtracks from European classics. "He has cleverly-wickedly-borrowed a new tongue with which to speak of porn, sex, politics and desire: that of cinema itself."-Art U.S. With shorts More British Sounds and Film Montages (For Peter Roehr).

  • The Other Side

    • Tuesday, February 6 7:30pm

    Bill Brown in Person. "The desert that marks the border between the U.S. and Mexico is the subject of Bill Brown's deeply personal reflection on and exposé of the challenges surrounding Mexican immigration. Pensive, raw, and luminous images."-Brooklyn Underground Film Festival. With Vanessa Renwick's Portrait #2: Trojan and Xavier Lukomski's A Bridge over the Drina.