Alternative Visions

11/2/11 to 11/30/11

Our avant-garde film series continues with four programs: an evening featuring the work of collage filmmaker Lewis Klahr; the West Coast premiere of a new film by cinema essayist Daniel Eisenberg; a classic film by James Benning; and a program of recent experimental films, fresh from the Wavelengths program at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Past Films

  • Flotsam and Jetsam: The Spray of History <br/ > Films by Lewis Klahr

    • Wednesday, November 30 7:30 pm

    Lewis Klahr in person. One of the most important collage filmmakers of the American avant-garde, Klahr uses cut-outs from a range of mass culture print and sound sources to create his short films. Tonight's selection comprises a kind of private archive of transitional moments in twentieth-century American society. Lewis Klahr will appear at San Francisco Cinematheque on December 2 with his newest series, Prolix Satori. (76 mins)

  • Space is the Place: Recent Avant-Garde Shorts

    • Wednesday, November 16 7:30 pm

    Straight from the Toronto International Film Festival's groundbreaking Wavelengths program, this compilation features recent films and videos that deal with place. Includes new works by T. Marie, Chris Kennedy, Mark Lewis, Ben Rivers, Kevin Jerome Everson, Sophie Michael, Blake Williams, Eriko Sonoda, and John Price. (93 mins)

  • El Valley Centro

    • Wednesday, November 9 7:30 pm

    James Benning (U.S., 1999). Benning, master of landscape films and “one of the most fascinating figures in U.S. independent cinema since the 1970s” (Austrian Filmmuseum), turned his lens to the crop dusters, oil rigs, and huge fields of California's Central Valley in this contemplative, fascinating work. (90 mins)

  • The Unstable Object

    • Wednesday, November 2 7:30 pm

    Daniel Eisenberg (U.S./Germany/Turkey, 2011) West Coast Premiere. Introduced by Jeffrey Skoller. Daniel Eisenberg In Person. What do luxury automobiles in Germany, wall clocks in Chicago, and cymbals in Istanbul have in common? Daniel Eisenberg's latest film is an elegant and visually sensual essay on contemporary models of production. Presented in celebration of the publication of POSTWAR: The Films of Daniel Eisenberg. On November 3, Daniel Eisenberg will present his 1997 film Persistence at San Francisco Cinematheque. (69 mins)