American Nonsense: Frank Tashlin

4/11/08 to 4/18/08

For Tashlin, “a filmmaker of Swiftian gifts” (N.Y. Times), the gaudy fantasies of fifties America are objects of both satire and celebration. Lampooning consumer excess, packaged sex, and media-saturated culture, these movies are even bigger, louder, and funnier than American life.

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  • Artists and Models, April 16|Paramount Pictures/Photofest|

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Past Films

  • Bachelor Flat

    • Friday, April 18 7:00 pm

    Proper British professor Terry-Thomas is plagued by amorous SoCal co-eds in Tashlin's ultra-widescreen comedy.

  • Artists and Models

    • Wednesday, April 16 6:30 pm

    The best-ever Martin and Lewis movie is a toon-tinted satire of art, commerce, and comic books.

  • It'$ Only Money

    • Wednesday, April 16 8:30 pm

    Jerry Lewis is a TV repairman and would-be detective without a clue.

  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

    • Sunday, April 13 5:00 pm

    Tony Randall in a brilliantly composed ode to and exposé of Madison Avenue, laden with Brechtian gags and pop-modern design.

  • Son of Paleface

    • Saturday, April 12 4:00 pm

    Bob Hope and Trigger make strange bedfellows in this thoroughly Tashlin Western, “a cavalcade of sharp, imaginative gags.”-Time Out N.Y.

  • The Girl Can't Help It

    • Friday, April 11 7:00 pm

    Jayne Mansfield's cartoon measurements are in perfect proportion with Tashlin's hyperbolic CinemaScope satire of sex, money, and rock 'n' roll.