American Outlaws: Scenes from the Dream Life, 1968-72

6/10/05 to 6/18/05

  • Dirty Little Billy, June 18

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Past Films

  • Bloody Mama

    • Saturday, June 18 19:00

    Introduced by J. Hoberman. Set during the Depression, but with echoes of the Manson Family, this is "a degenerate child of Bonnie and Clyde....Shelley Winters [plays] monstrous mother hen to a criminal brood of sexually anarchic, drug–addled hillbilly trash."-J. Hoberman

  • Dirty Little Billy

    • Saturday, June 18 21:00

    Introduced by J. Hoberman. Michael Pollard is Billy the Kid in an "unrelentingly miserablist Western-a terminal expression of a genre that self–destructed, inadvertently timed for the [Vietnam] war's bitter aftermath."-J. Hoberman

  • Joe

    • Saturday, June 11 19:00

    Introduced by J. Hoberman. "A middle–aged adman kills his daughter's hippie boyfriend, then joins forces with Peter Boyle...the bellicose embodiment of Silent Majority working–class resentment."-J. Hoberman

  • Myra Breckinridge

    • Saturday, June 11 21:20

    Introduced by J. Hoberman. A gay film critic gets a sex change and heads for Hollywood in this notoriously outré adaptation of Gore Vidal's novel. "We might as well slit our throats, if it's come to this."-Life

  • Wild in the Streets

    • Friday, June 10 19:00

    Lecture & Booksigning by J. Hoberman. Hoberman discusses the renegade protagonists of the '60s before screening this insolent satire, released during the 1968 primary season, about a "Jim Morrison–like pop–star president who puts everyone over thirty in psychedelic concentration camps."-J. Hoberman